Our deacons provide a number of ministries to members of the church family. They provide rides to worship for those who are unable to drive. They deliver flowers and visit with our members who are in the hospital, homebound or are living in nursing homes or assisted living facilities. Their ministry also serves many in our community with special attention to the poor, the lonely and those who are oppressed.

Board of Deacons

Class 2018

  • Beth Archais
  • Barbara Brennaman
  • Shannon Evans
  • Cindy Gaines
  • Jackie Henry
  • Becca Hickman
  • Tom Holt
  • Valerie Holt
  • Cindy Larrick
  • Karen Myers
  • Sherry Simon

Class 2019

  • Sheryl Bowles
  • Kent Burson
  • Todd Holt
  • Sharon Jarodsky
  • Ben Krause
  • Barbara Lamon
  • Melissa Manda
  • Carl Mosher
  • Susan Ryck
  • Janet Shinkle
  • Louisa Stabenow

Class of 2020

  • Cecil Caulkins
  • Bill Covington
  • Jessica Cox
  • Debbie Denning
  • Cody Epema
  • Elizabeth Lehmen
  • Mark Ludwig
  • Allison Pearson
  • Lynn Ratchford
  • Blaine Smallwood
  • Jeannine Toomey