About Madelyn & Dalton Doyle – FPC’s Youth Leaders:

Dalton & Madelyn Doyle and their daughter Lucy

Hello!  My name’s John Taylor.  I’m gonna go out on a limb here and guess that nobody who’s reading this knows who I am.  But that’s okay because we have some mutual friends: Madalyn and Dalton Doyle. Or as me and my wife like to call them, “The kids who live across the street.” No, they’re not really kids (unless you’re as old as me and my wife!). They’re young adults venturing into adulthood and starting a family.  And even more so, they’re the new Youth Group leaders for First Presbyterian Church.

So why am I writing this? That’s a good question and I’m glad you asked. You see, I fancy myself a bit of an amateur writer. This means, I have no clue what I’m doing and I don’t think I even use a comma, correctly. But these two “kids” think I’m a bit witty in my writing and wanted a little help in presenting themselves to all of you.

So here goes…I’ve known Dalton & Madalyn for about three years now. We’ve actually become really good friends. We go camping together and even take weekend vacations down to Arkansas. So doing adventurous things is definitely one of their hobbies and a big perk for me and my wife as we’re always up for a good adventure. I don’t want to get too far ahead of myself talking about D&M just yet. I just want to drop a hint as to who my favorite of the Doyle family is…she’s one year old and her name is Lucy! She’s absolutely adorable and will make your heart melt! When she picks up a muddy rock from the ground and hands it to you, it’s not just a rock, it’s a gift from her hand to yours that will put a smile on the face of the most grinchiest of Grinches! We love Lucy and her parents, D&M, are doing a great job with her. We’re so proud of them.

But does this make Madalyn & Dalton a good choice for your Youth Group leaders? I most definitely think so. I mean, they won’t be changing poopy diapers or cleaning baby puke off of their clothes…but have you ever taken a 3-hour drive with a 1-year-old? Madalyn & Dalton have and it wasn’t a pretty sight to behold when they made it home, but Lucy was smiling! And isn’t that what we all want to see our kids do?

Madalyn has some interesting hobbies. She makes greeting cards. I’ve bought some of her greeting cards. Not just because she’s our friend, but I’ve bought several because she’s amazing at this! She’s a “master greeting card maker.” That’s a thing, right?  I feel as though that’s a real thing.

Dalton…lol, here’s a “dad-joke-a-minute,” kind of guy. Now, before I give you the wrong impression, Dalton is amazing! His hobbies are anything that has wheels on it. He’s really into his dirt bike. He loves working on cars. He loves everything that he does. He has the same joy telling me about his latest dirt bike adventures as his daughter, Lucy, has when she hands me a mud-covered rock. But his dad jokes are terrible. They’re simply the worst. I think he just makes these up. Like, he doesn’t even find them in a “dad joke encyclopedia.”  When you meet him, you laugh at them anyway. He’s just such a great guy that you’d feel bad if you didn’t laugh.

So how does all of this tie into Madalyn & Dalton making great youth leaders for First Presbyterian Church? Because they don’t just enjoy that sense of community,  they want to share it. They want their church youth to learn new things or try something that they’ve never thought of before. And what better people to have as Youth leaders than a couple who are doing this now? Their sense of adventure to try new things. Their willingness to give back to a community that has given them so much. These two are excited about this. So excited that it makes them nervous. So nervous that they have to ask the neighbor across the street to help them write an introduction.

Pastor Angela Madden Scott and First Presbyterian Church, you’ve got some good people here. The next time you see them, hand them a mud-covered rock. They really do know how to say “thank you!”