Session (Elders)

Session is the governing body of First Presbyterian Church. Our session is comprised of 18 elders, elected by the congregation, each serving a three-year term. Together with the ordained pastors, members of session exercise leadership, government, discipline and have responsibilities for the life of the church including ecumenical relationships.

It also is the duty of elders to strengthen and nurture the faith and life of the congregation. Together with the pastors, elders encourage the people in the worship and service of God, equip and renew them for their tasks within the church and for their mission in the world

Session Members

Class of 2018

  • Jane Beetem
  • Tim Collins
  • Mary Corley
  • Kyle Kittrell
  • Anne Schneider
  • Carol Scott

Class of 2019

  • Larry Burkhardt
  • Andy Cleeton
  • John Howland
  • Cynthia Quetsch
  • Gene Reed
  • Dave Turner

Class of 2020

  • Judi Busby
  • Sue Gray
  • Jan Haviland
  • Dan McPherson
  • Bob Rogers
  • John Smallwood