International Mission - Peru

Peru Mission in the Amazon Rainforest

Peru Mission

First Presbyterian Church has a 15 year relationship with our sisters and brothers in the Amazon River basin of Peru.  Pastor Dave brought this mission with him when he arrived in Jefferson City, and beginning in 2003 he has led a work/mission trip to the Amazon Rainforest (in and around Iquitos. Peru.

Each trip continues our ongoing work with the Amazon Mission Fellowship and the congregation of Iglesia de Reformate y Presbiteriano de Tamshiyacu. Our Peru Crew works on building projects, with children with special needs in the School for Children with Special Needs (SCOTA), assist with Bible school, worship, sing, fellowship and play with our friends in Amazon jungle. We also provide water bucket filtration systems and assist with the distribution of anti-parasite medicines by setting up a medical clinic and the church. If you are interested in supporting or participating in the Peru work/mission, contact Pastor Dave.

Other Ways to Help

The residents of Tamshiyacu live in a remote village along the Amazon River. Their main water source is the Amazon River, which is contaminated by many parasites. The World Health Organization states that every year more than 3.4 million people die as a result of water related diseases, making it a leading cause of death around the world. The vast majority of water-borne illnesses are caused by organisms that are found in a water source that has been contaminated by sewage. The need for clean drinking water is a drastic need!

We support Medical Mission, Inc., and the Amazon Mission Fellowship to provide primary medical care, water purifying systems, public health education, and spiritual inspiration to our Peruvian brothers and sisters. You can purchase a water-purifying system for a Peruvian family for only $50!

Testimony from 2018 Peru Crew members:

I think I left my heart in Peru, if I’m to be honest. Being a first time “world traveler”, there were so many moments that were firsts for me, that were monumental. But those seemed to pale in comparison to my awe of the warmth and welcome of the Peruvian people. Growing up, I knew poverty. I knew what it was like to be poor, without electricity and hot water… I knew what it was like to be without hope. For a kid growing up, those were harsh realities with which I had to cope. In Tamshiyacu, they deal with those same realities and more. However, interacting with the people… particularly the children… you wouldn’t know they understood anything but how to live life simply, and joyfully. Families are tightly knit, working together, and actively helping one another. The children are happy and engaging. They took such joy in playing frisbee and kickball with our group, or posing for pictures (and then giggling when they got to see how the photos looked!) They wanted to hold our hands, to give us hugs, to laugh and to play with us. We may have gone down there to give of ourselves and to teach bible school, but the people of Peru gave us and taught us
so much more. – Brandy Hoelscher

The people I met in Peru were some of the most kind-hearted and helpful individuals I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with. This was my first international trip, and it was amazing for me to learn so much about a new culture, from within that culture. We were welcomed with open arms by both the people of Tamshiyacu and those who helped us at El Jardin and Iquitos. In Tamshiyacu, Johnny and his family were fantastic, hosting us in a sense, pitching in whenever they could in any way they could. It was nice to be able to give back and help them after all they did for us in the short time we were there. I hope to go back at some point and visit the wonderful people we met in both Iquitos and Tamshiyacu. This trip with its ups and downs was one of the most amazing experiences I’ve ever had. I’m very thankful that I was able to accept this opportunity, and meet these awesome people. I would love to do it again. - Abbie Jansen

Our mission trip to Peru was a wonderful experience. Everyone we met in our travels, both in Iquitos and Tamshiyacu, were so happy we were visiting, treating us as long lost friends. In the village of Tamshiyacu, we were greeted daily at the dock by children, so excited we were visiting their village. The kids helped us dock the boat, carried our bags to the church, plus assisted us preparing for Vacation Bible School. All of the village kids were so happy to spend time helping or playing with the FPC kids. During our time in Tamshiyacu, we worked with Johnny on his house installing a concrete floor, making the walls and roof more weatherproof. Johnny and his family were so grateful for our help, which will allow them to live more comfortably, especially during the rainy season. The many experiences – meeting new people, working to help others, living in a different culture and part of the world, and seeing the beauty of God’s world, were life changing experiences that I am so grateful to have experienced. - Michelle Jansen