International Mission - Malawi


About every other year, members of First Presbyterian travel to Malawi in Africa to work with our partners on church related construction and medical clinic projects.

Worshiping in Malawi

About the Missions

The Beza Clinic is a first-aid station that saves lives with simple medications such as fever reducers and anti-diarrheas. We connect with other teams to help get supplies to the clinic through the Malawi Network here in the USA.

Funded by FPC in 2009, the Community Based Child Care at Kasasa serves more than 100 AIDs orphans and other village children. The center is managed and staffed by villagers with help from the Synod and serves many purposes while serving the needs of the orphans. Services include preschool education, a meal, after school care, training for home health care, and respite care for the home caregivers.

A warm reception in Malawi

Malawi mission

The Prayer House at Jandang'ombe was funded by FPC in 2010 and dedicated in 2013.  The prayer house has an active and vital youth program that is already engaged in mission work to help their neighbors.

The Kavuzi Clinic built with funds from FPC, was dedicated in October 2015 with FPC member present, offers a higher level of skilled care in a remote area with the support of Ekwendeni Hospital. This clinic serves a population of 24,000 people who now walk many miles for medical assistance. Today their walk to health care is much less because of the Clinic.

If you are interested in more information about Malawi or participating in a mission trip, please contact Nancy Beard, Jim Hofmann, Christie or Kyle Kittrell